A complete Time period of Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott’s relationship

  • on July 8, 2022
Kylie Jenner

Neither Jenner nor Scott can recall when or where they really met.

As per the couple’s main story for GQ, neither Jenner nor Scott “can recall where, precisely, they initially met.” Both conceded, nonetheless, that Jenner was persuaded Scott could have done without her from the get go.

“We generally realized one another, similar to we were staying nearby one another — I mean, we just had shared companions,” she said in a video for GQ. “Yet, we never truly had a discussion since I felt that he could have done without me.”

Walk 2017: Jenner cut off her drawn out friendship with Tyga.

Reports started to twirl when fans acknowledged Tyga had not shown up on Jenner’s virtual entertainment since Valentine’s Day of that year.

Later in the month, Tyga’s ex-fianceé Blac Chyna vigorously proposed in a Snapchat bluster that he had been undermining Jenner, as revealed by Cosmopolitan.

“Various sources” affirmed the split to People toward the beginning of April. At that point, these sources outlined the separation as a short detachment — which appeared to be steady with the couple’s here and there relationship.

“They will generally enjoy little reprieves constantly and afterward reunite,” says one insider. “It’s certainly conceivable they’ll resolve things once more.”

Jenner later drilled down into the split on an episode of “Life of Kylie,” expressing that the two will “forever have a bond.”

“Nothing bad could really be said about me and T,” she uncovered. “There was no insane battle. We chose — indeed, I chose — that I’m truly youthful. I would rather not think back in that frame of mind from now and feel like he took something from me, when he’s truly not someone with that kind of character.”

April 16, 2017: Jenner and Scott were spotted clasping hands at Coachella.

Coachella wasn’t the very couple’s most memorable date — but instead “a hang that worked out in a good way,” as per the couple’s main story for GQ. Fan photographs uncovered that Jenner and Scott were clasping hands as they wandered the grounds of the well known live concert.

A source told People at the time that the two had been “a thing” previously and “companions for some time” — yet additionally inferred that their tease was intended to make Tyga envious. Actually, the two just “hit it off” and had quick science, as per Jenner’s previous dearest companion Jordyn Woods.

Jenner got serious about the start of their relationship to GQ and uncovered that, after Coachella, she unexpectedly chose to join Scott on his visit.

“He said, ‘I’m backpedaling on visit — what is it that we believe should do about this?’ Because we clearly loved one another,” she said. “Also, I was like, ‘I suppose I’m going with you’ … And afterward we headed out toward the distant horizon.”

April 25, 2017: Jenner and Scott sat courtside at a NBA season finisher game.

An observer let People know that the two were clasping hands and snuggling. The passerby additionally added that Jenner was kissing Scott’s neck and appeared as “she believed individuals should see them together.”

“During his presentation, Kylie was concealing in the Rockets’ courtside club tensely hanging tight for him to return to her. When he got back, they certainly seemed as though a couple, snuggled up close to one another among her companions,” the source told People. “They haven’t relinquished each other since he got off the court.”

Late April – Early May: Around this time, Jenner became pregnant.

Stormi Webster was brought into the world on February 1, 2018. This would put her origination date nine months earlier, close by May 1, 2017.

May 1, 2017: Jenner and Scott hung out at the Met Gala.

Jenner posted a gathering photograph from the Met Gala on Instagram, in which Scott is presenting up front.

Not long prior to going to the occasion — and in the wake of streaming to Boston to watch Scott perform — Jenner pondered their relationship during a confession booth for “Life of Kylie.”

“I didn’t understand I would go through a separation and afterward like, you know, begin dating once more,” she said.

May 1, 2017 – May 14, 2017: Fans saw that the pair had become indistinguishable.

In the wake of choosing to “head out toward the distant horizon” and join Scott on his visit, Jenner and her new playmate had “a great deal of free time” to get to know one another.

“It was natural. Also, we would simply go to these arbitrary urban communities. We got to not be who we truly were,” she as of late told GQ. “Everything occurred on purpose. We weren’t going out as ‘Kylie and Trav.’ We would simply be in Cleveland, strolling the road for a really long time. We would go on strolls, and nobody would irritate us.”

On May 3, Us Weekly detailed that the couple was quitting any funny business.

“Travis is let companions know that he and Kylie are the genuine article,” a source told the magazine.

The truth star had been spotted observing Scott’s birthday in New York City with her sister Kendall Jenner and different companions. After seven days, they went through a comfortable night together on a yacht in Miami.

“Sources near the couple let us know they’ve been indistinguishable since Coachella and have chosen to do the serious relationship thing,” TMZ gave an account of May 14. The site additionally uncovered that Jenner had previously met Scott’s loved ones.

May 15, 2017: Scott delivered the melody “Butterfly Effect.”

The “butterfly impact” is the idea that little choices or occasions can cause huge, enduring waves. While the melody never unequivocally makes reference to Jenner, he raps about a young lady who “got the waves.”

“Need ya love, not a need it is an unquestionable requirement/Feelin’ stuck, you know how to keep me up/Icy love, cold like a hockey puck,” he raps.

The day after the melody was delivered, Scott posted a photograph of Jenner on his Instagram with the subtitle, “BUTTERFLY EFFECT 🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋.”

Butterflies would later turn into a significant theme for the couple.

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