Meet ‘The Island Boys,’ the dubious TikTokers who continue to quarrel with virtual social media stars and celebrities

  • on July 10, 2022
The Island Boys

Maybe the most dubious figures to emerge from TikTok are two twin siblings referring to themselves as “The Island Boys.”

With various tattoos, particular hairdos, jewel teeth, and melodies about being an “little islander,” 20-year-olds Franky and Alex Venegas immediately circulated around the web as “Kodiyakredd” and “Flyysoulja,” separately.

Today, they have a consolidated TikTok following of over 8.6 million and have fought with virtual entertainment’s unique dubious siblings, Jake and Logan Paul, TikTok star Bryce Hall, and, surprisingly, grabbed the eye of Kevin Hart and Snoop Dogg, who derided them on their parody extraordinary “2021 and Done.”

Most as of late, the siblings stood out as truly newsworthy after a cherished companion was captured regarding a homicide, following a police strike on their home. (The siblings are not embroiled in that frame of mind, as per nearby media source WPBF 25.)

So who are the Island Boys? In a meeting on the “No Jumper” web recording with Adam Grandmaison, the siblings said they had been raised by a single parent after their dad passed on.

As per Franky, they crossed paths with the law growing up, including “robberies, burglaries, taken vehicles.” The twins said they were in prison for a period as teens, which is the point at which they started to think about a lifelong in rap.

“At the point when I was secured I had a many individuals were attempting to be rappers, so I’m like, to hell with it, I will jump into the game,” Alex said. “The main thing that is great for me is burglarizing, which isn’t great, or rapping.”

This is the way they went from generally obscure to two of the most unmistakable — and disputable — countenances of TikTok.

The Island Boys’ melody turned into a web sensation in October 2021 and turned into an image

In October of last year, a brief video of the Venegas siblings singing by a pool became a web sensation. It was initially presented on October 12 on a TikTok account having a place with Franky where it has been seen very nearly 20 million times. After two days it was re-transferred to Twitter with the inscription “Florida ain’t a genuine spot,” where it has gotten north of 10 million perspectives.

In the 1-brief video, the siblings can be heard rapping, “‘Cause I’m a little islander, and I’ve been attempting to make it/Oh, I’m an islander/Ayy, Imma just islander, I’m simply island kid.”

This prompted them being named “The Island Boys” by watchers. The shockingly snappy tune and the pair’s unmistakable appearance helped transform the video into an image, and the first strong has now been utilized in north of 100,000 TikTok recordings.

The Island Boys begin quarreling with Jake and Logan Paul subsequent to stomping off Logan’s digital broadcast in December 2021

On December 14, YouTuber Logan Paul posted episode 305 of his webcast “Impaulsive,” named “The Island Boys Interview.”

Around 30 minutes into the meeting, the pair conflicted with co-have George Janko, who recommended they put their profit in the event that their music profession didn’t work out. The siblings answered that they didn’t require monetary guidance, with Alex saying, “I most likely get more cash-flow than you.”

The siblings left the recording. Prior to leaving, Alex can heard say, “You know me from Island Boys however you know I’m thugging, brother, right?”

Paul, Janko, and co-have Mike Majlak proceeded with their discussion. “It’s a shtick, the entire thing’s a fucking shtick,” Paul said.

A few days after the fact, Logan’s sibling and YouTube star Jake Paul battled proficient fighter Tyron Woodley in a confining match Tampa, Florida. It seemed the Island Boys and Jake were enjoying a positive outlook — the twins even sang a variant of “Islander” called “Fighter Boy” on the side of Jake.

In any case, their participation at the battle seemed to create problems. Online pundit Keemstar posted a tweet saying the pair were “threw out for tossing shoes.”

The siblings posted a reaction on TikTok on December 20, where they denied tossing shoes or getting tossed out. They said there was a ton of “upheaval” and that a brew was tossed at a cop, adding, “They felt that it came from us yet it really came from part of the gang we were spending time with.”

The Island Boys started quarreling with TikToker Bryce Hall, as well

In a remark under Alex’s video about Jake Paul, TikTok star Bryce corridor answered, “folks… he’s thuggin, relax.”

Accordingly, the siblings made a TikTok video examining their implied adolescent record prior to saying, “How did Bryce Hall respond?” and chuckling.

Lobby is a well known TikToker with more than 20 million supporters on the application. In March 2021, he likewise battled in a bout against YouTuber Austin McBroom.

On January 10, YouTuber Daniel Keem, otherwise known as Keemstar, posted a video in which he talked with the Venegas siblings through video call. Under three minutes into the meeting, Keem said he needed the Island Boys’ “most ardent follower” to join the discussion, prior to presenting Hall.

The Island Boys were supposedly paid for a video where they seemed to advance Army enlistment

On January 25, NBC revealed that the Venegas siblings had showed up in a video paid for by means of Cameo, a stage where famous people can charge fans for short customized cuts.

The implied Cameo video was reposted on TikTok by Orlando Tamez, a Texas-based Army selection representative, the power source revealed. It’s as of now not accessible to see on TikTok, yet was reposted on the subreddit r/Army. It shows siblings saying, “Huge whoop to Staff Sergeant Tamez, you’re evolving lives, giving out $50K,” adding, “Giving out rewards? Paid get-away? Also, free school, no cash.”

A delegate for US Army Recruiting Command said in an explanation to NBC, “The Island Boys Cameo was not surveyed, approved, nor paid for by U.S. Armed force Recruiting Command as an authority promoting instrument,” and added, “We are examining what is going on and requiring the singular scout to eliminate the TikTok account, as it isn’t approved for true use right now.”

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